About us

The Tayla brand started many years ago and has achecived some incredible highlights - We have proudly kitted the South African Indoor Men's and Women's teams for the past few years as they have played African Cups, a number of test series and World Cups.
We have also sponsored the Namibian Ladies World Cup Team and the U21 Men's World Cup Team live on SuperSport.
We also kitted the Africa All Stars and European All Stars during their exhibition matches during PSi Nationals as well as representing across Europe when we travel overseas with the PSi All Stars team
We aspire to be amongst the greats in terms of team wear, turning heads

Who we are

We’re a team who is passionate about clothing and life. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the performance of our clothing; we love the dynamic ever evolving industry we work in.

What we do

Have you ever been for a run only to realise 20 meters in, your shorts are riding up and you can feel the worlds worst wedgie coming on? Or left the house and immediately regretted wearing the shirt that looks great but feels like it was woven from the needles of a cactus? We aim to produce team, lifestyle and active apparel that's functional, comfortable and durable without compromising style and the ability to make you look and feel good. All our products are made using locally sourced fabrics and are 100% made in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Why we do it

We want to be a brand that empowers anyone who owns a Tayla product to feel like the super hero that they are and we want to inspire people to be better human beings. Cue Miss America World Peace speech. Jokes aside, we want to bring a community of like minded people together who share a zest for life. You’re not just buying a t-shirt, you’re buying into a lifestyle.